MyChart patient portal

Use your MyChart account to easily and securely manage everything related to your health, including the care you receive from Montage Health.

What’s MyChart?

MyChart is a free, secure, convenient way to access your health information online, 24/7. If you get care from any entity within the Montage Health family or our affiliated providers, you’re eligible to use MyChart.

MyChart is a patient portal from Epic, Montage Health’s electronic health record. Because many hospitals and healthcare providers use Epic, you’ll benefit from having all your health information in one place, no matter where you received care. This makes it easy for all of your providers to stay up-to-date on your health needs, even as they may change.

How to sign up

Set up a MyChart account:

  • At the healthcare facility. When you receive care or services from Montage Health, we’ll invite you to sign up for MyChart. We’ll provide the information you need during your visit
  • Online. Register today
  • On your mobile device. Download the MyChart app for your Android™, Apple iPhone®, Apple Watch®, Apple iPad®, or other smart device or tablet
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What can I use MyChart for?

MyChart lets you:

  • View your medical records or manage a loved one’s care
  • Share health information with your medical providers
  • View most test results within a couple days of the appointment
  • Manage and update your contact information and insurance information
  • View and pay your bill (you can also pay your bill using guest pay)
  • View price estimates for certain medical procedures and services (this tool can also be used without an account)

For Montage Medical Group patients

If you get care from a Montage Medical Group provider, you can also use MyChart to:

  • Communicate with your healthcare team – Ask non-urgent medical questions or request a referral. Generally, you can expect an answer in one to three business days
  • Manage your medications – View a list of your current medications and request prescription refills
  • Manage your appointments – Request, view upcoming, cancel, or check into an appointment

Is MyChart secure?

MyChart keeps your personal health information secure and private through activation codes, personalized user IDs, and passwords. Each person controls their password.

MyChart uses the latest encryption technology. Unlike email, all MyChart messaging occurs only while you are securely logged on to our website or through the mobile app.

Account username and password

When you’re setting up your account, make sure:

  • Your MyChart ID is between five and 24 characters and only contains letters and numbers (no symbols)
  • Your password is at least eight characters and contains one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one number or symbol. The password must be different than your ID

What if my activation code doesn’t work?

For your security, your activation code expires after 14 days and isn’t valid after the first time you use it. Contact us at (831) 622-8000 to request a new activation code if needed.

What if I forget my password?

You can request a new password through the MyChart login page. To set up your new password, you’ll need to:

  • Enter your account username, Social Security number, and date of birth
  • Answer the password reset question you created when you first made your account

What if I forget my user ID?

Call (831) 622-8000 to reset your ID, and you’ll receive a new access code.

Can I view price estimates without setting up a MyChart account?

Yes. Use the “Guest Estimates” button to search for and view estimated costs for a wide range of services.

What if I don’t understand something in MyChart?

Contact your healthcare provider if you have questions about any medical information you see in MyChart.

How do I view a family member’s health information?

You can set up proxy access to view the health information of:

  • Your child or a dependent adult
  • Family member who has given you permission

To create a proxy account, follow the instructions on the MyChart login page.

Access MyChart

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